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The way your Body and Mind operate at a crucial level is examined here. It is profound information that can change the whole way you live in the world.


Full Description

Richard Beaumont provides a Primary Health System overview for clients already experimenting with their Strategy and Authority and wish to proceed towards aligning their body to their design utilising information that can help them to strengthen their body/mind connection. PHS information can show the client how they can best serve their bodies optimum functioning by eating in the correct way or under the correct conditions. The first level of conditioning is through digestion, so by correcting the way we eat, we actively help to correct our body.

The other way of help the body directly is the environment in which we live and work. Here also there is a particularly environment that each person has that will serve them to the fullest. Richard believes this is hardwired into the body to help us survive even when living in an incorrect way.

Richard also looks at the Personality side of the Design and how your Mind processes the information it receives through simply living your life. How it deals with the data can transfer into Not-Self mental delimmas or remain correct as the true Motivation of the MInd.

Finally Richard with look at the View of the client. What is the correct way for someone to 'see' in this life. We are all designed to 'see' differently. Or, as with the Mind's motivation this view can transfer to a false perspective and we misinterpret what we see, getting lost in a dysfunctional perspective that is both incorrect and miserable.

Richard will layout both the correct and incorrect patterns in the way the Mind interprets information and views the world.

This is very valuable information for anyone who wishes to live their own life and is commited to living their Strategy and Authority.

This overview takes at least an hour.