Frequently Asked Questions

  • Human Design awakens us to our true self.
  • It explains how we are designed and who we are as unique differentiated beings
  • It shows us our specific role within the Totality
  • It gives clear guidelines of how to allow our Life Purpose to flow through us.
  • It tells us how to make correct decisions that point us in the correct direction of our Life Purpose
  • It demonstrates how, when we operate correctly, it changes the frequency of our life and how our cognition works >properly.
  • It maps out the conditioned mind and reveals how we can change our conditioning
  • Human Design uses astrology to pinpoint the moments of imprinting that concretises our specific Design
  • Human Design uses two moments in time to create the Human Design chart 
  • Human Design includes the Earth as an important planet that affects our life 
  • Human Design is entirely separate from astrology; even the planetary influence interpretations differ in many ways. 
  • Human Design is a synthesis that includes some astrological references, along with Quantum Physics, biochemistry, genetics, the Hindu chakra system, Judaic Kabbalah and the Chinese I'Ching.

No. The Gates (related to the Hexagrams) always remain in their same place in the chart.

No. Many have tried. Most by researching vast amounts of Human Design information. But knowledge is not power. The Not-self takes this to decondition long due to the biological cycle related to the replacement of cells within the body. However, there is a significant shift after three and a half years. Think of conditioning as a chronic mental and physical disease. It's taken as long as you have been alive to create the confusion, disempowerment and incorrectly aligned body (usually based on incorrect digestion and wrong environment). To untangle all that simply takes time. Happily it IS possible by following the Human Design guidelines.

Human Design is commonly seen as just another system of information. It is far more than this. In living one's Design the life changes slowly, slowly, until one operates beneath the mind, decisions are taken according to strategy and authority and we become more aligned to our own internal frequency. Once this is experienced, a little at a time, the mind's desire to speed up the process lessens and the subtle changes are witnessed without the desire to speed through to some imagined 'super-state'.

No. There is no way to supplement or add gates via amino acid concentrations for instance. After being in the process for a while, it is often the case that you come to accept every part of your chart and would not wish to change a single Gate, Line or Colour. We are what we are... and there is a perfection that is breath-taking in living one's Design as it is.

There have been many 'Enlightened' people on the planet. However there is a difference between 'Enlightenment' and being awake. 'Enlightened' masters speak from their Design. It does not mean that they know who YOU are. Very often they assume that their way can be applied to everyone else. This is not the case. For instance, Ekhart Tolle speaks of 'being in the now' as a way to become enlightened. This will not be of any use to those who have a defined solar plexus and who experience life through the filter of emotional waves.

Human Design can lead you to awaken to your own specific differentiated being. Each one of us is designed to see ONLY what we can see. In operating according to your own strategy and authority there is nothing and no one that can be a higher authority to you. Yes, there are forces that are more powerful than us, but the ultimate decision-making comes from within each one of us. Giving up our own authority in favour of something outside of ourselves is a deep sickness in humanity. 

Human Design can lead you to awaken to yourself, after which many so-called spiritual 'truths' become irrelevant. They are known by direct experience, if they are true and the immense propaganda that surrounds spiritual growth can be seen to be simply another form of false conditioning that robs us of the opportunity to live our lives as our-self.