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This site is dedicated to providing reliable information on The Human Design System in alignment with the teachings of its founder Ra Uru Hu. Films, audios and books are available authored by Ra Uru Hu. There are also educational courses, blogs, audios, writings and films from Ra’s student and Human Design mentor Richard Beaumont, who has spent more than two decades researching, experimenting, publicising and teaching the system to others.

This site combines Human Design UK (The National organisation authorised by Ra for the UK) and Human Design Films Ltd, which hold the rights to a quantity of films of Ra Uru Hu teaching the system.

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What is The Human Design System?

The Human Design System can be regarded as a body of scientific, mystical and experiential knowledge that can improve the quality of our lives and answer many of the mysteries that have puzzled so many of us.

On one level it can be used as a remarkable profiling system that accurately describes a person’s nature and what the mechanical truth for them is, according to that nature.

It may seem odd at first to speak of a person in terms of ‘mechanics’ as it sounds rather like a term we would use when talking about a car. However, the founder of Human Design was very practical and the term carries with it a definitive limitation of us being designed in a specific and non-negotiable way.

Ra spoke about Humanity and all forms of life as being a ‘pattern’ in a larger Program. This larger Program is part of the broader vision contained within the Human Design System that is prophetic, profound and congruent with current scientific understanding.

On the personal level, the wonder of this system is that it relates a truth that can be recognised immediately by anyone who receives a professional interpretation of their Human Design chart, either on a one-to-one basis or in the personal reports available on this website.

The Human Design chart, as with an astrological chart, is like a map that shows the ‘pattern’ each one of us animates. The most common response to having your chart read professionally is relief. The relief that comes from hearing the truth that you yourself recognise, even though you may not have consciously been aware of all the pieces of the puzzle of who you are through self refection up to that point. So, unlike most profiling systems, Human Design does not put people in theoretical ‘boxes’, quite the contrary, it reveals each person’s tremendous potential from naturally living the ‘pattern’ that they are.

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The Components of Human Design

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient mystical traditions: Western Astrology, the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching, The Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra Model in addition to Modern Science (biology, quantum physics, biochemistry) and Genetics.

Often referred to as ‘The Science of Awakening’ and ‘The Science of Differentiation,’ the combination of knowledge, opens up our cognition to both realise and accept how we are specifically designed differently from those around us. Then to experiment with experiencing ourselves as unique beings transforms one’s life. It also makes our lives so much more interesting and satisfying.

Richard's Chart
An example of a Human Design chart

On a personal basis Human Design can be tremendously valuable, as all those who have been fortunate enough to come to know their ‘design’ will testify.

The self-reflective confirmation of recognising oneself in the consistency of energy, awareness and/or emotional complexity revealed in the interpretation of one’s chart, continues to deepen the positive impact of this knowledge. At a personal level, one can continue to recognise opportunities that are correct according to one’s true nature, whether it is aligning to specific people, or where to live or what work to do and so on. In addition, greater self-knowing at deeper and deeper levels is a natural consequence of knowing the Human Design System.

Download a free illustrated introduction PDF

The Genetic Pull to Difference

One of the most valuable and practical elements in the system is the binary nature of human beings. There is a genetic propensity to chase difference. Two people who are strongly attracted to one another feel the pull of the difference between them. How fascinating this is and how compelling at a genetic level! The genes just want difference in order to increase the diversity of the genetic pool.

Yet this also translates into our lives when we experience a sense of lack in some areas when we meet others. Everyone is unique and what one person may ‘have’ consistently in their design others may not have. When we are with those who ‘have’ what we do not in their charts, we will amplify that aspect in ourselves and then feel its lack when we are out of their auric field.

In the living of one’s life there is, in most people, the unconscious and unhealthy desire to be what they are not. In other words, to compensate for the sense of lack when experiencing the differences in others. In the Human Design chart that is indicated by the areas that are ‘white’ or ‘open’ each white area can be described. Along with the description comes specific predictable, homogenised behaviour patterns that continue to entrap us by trying to live a life that we are simply not designed to live. Knowing these patterns and recognising them as they arise and then not succumbing to them, is part of a process of de-conditioning that takes place after one’s personal chart is understood.

Download a free illustrated introduction PDF

De-conditioning and Making Decisions

Once someone has received the information pertinent to their Human Design chart, they then have the possibility of paying attention to their own mechanically ‘correct’ way of making decisions. Most people make their decisions based on what they think. Human Design recognises that acting purely from our thoughts is a common problem for Humanity.

At a biological level, the brain is connected to most of what is going on in our bodies. It needs to be connected in order to vary the hormonal chemistry according to whatever is happening. An increase in adrenalin if there is fear or pain for instance. It also measures the appropriate behavioural response, for instance, to cry or defend oneself or keep quiet and bear the pain. The point is that the brain is reactive. It does not initiate in a vacuum. The body is the primary initiator. The mind (and our self-reflective consciousness) too often translates this connection to our biology as an authority to dictate how we ‘should’ live. Look at the world and most people’s lives if you wish to see the devastating results of living a lifestyle from such a misunderstanding.

Human Design teaches that everyone has a way of making correct decisions. For the majority this is based in a discernment anchored in a physical response, sensation or through processing emotional energy. In essence, most people have a unique way of making correct decisions according to how they are designed. We refer to this decision-making as following one’s Strategy and Authority. If followed as a way to navigate in one’s personal life, this way of making decisions leads to a life with much less resistance and can blossom into a lifestyle that fits one perfectly.

Part of the journey of going into Human Design results in one becoming more conscious of what is called ‘The Not Self’ or the ‘Shadow’ side of our nature. This can be concisely described according to each person and it is the work of a skilled, professional Human Design analyst to do exactly that for their client. Armed with this knowledge, those who begin their journey with Human Design are empowered to attempt to follow this new way of making decisions as an experiment and enter the first initial stage of a seven-year de-conditioning process. Often the life is transformed within this time frame. Further cycles of 7 years bring greater and greater alignment and the ‘True Self’ slowly emerges from all the external conditioning we have received from others, false beliefs, cultural boundaries we were born into and so on.

Download a free illustrated introduction PDF

The Benefits of Human Design

To discover ones true uniqueness is priceless. To finally recognise who one actually is and how to operate correctly, leads to an internal transformation that has long-lasting beneficial consequences for each person coming into the knowledge and to those who know them.

Making decisions according to one’s inherent nature brings a life that fits with who we are. We are all unique. Human Design is sometimes called “The Science of Differentiation’. Embracing one’s own uniqueness through the knowledge of Human Design enables us to live in a way that aligns to what is always consistent in us. It shows us potentials we may not be aware of and also delineates what is totally inappropriate for our nature, despite what we may have believed.

The result of living as yourself is simply a life with less resistance in both the internal and external world. For instance, instead of fighting with our-self to do something that is not suitable for us, according to our nature, we can just accept that it is not appropriate. There is a great sense of relaxing into allowing one’s own body and one’s own Inner Authority to make the decisions for us instead of our mind guessing or fantasising a life that is inappropriate and often unrealisable.

Externally it also translates as less resistance because one doesn’t constantly put out a dissonant frequency through ‘Not-Self’ behaviour, which is unpleasant to receive. At an interpersonal level the ‘blame’ and ‘shame’ of many relationships simply drops away. If you know who you are and who those around you are, and they also know who they are and who you are - then genuine understanding and acceptance naturally emerges.

It also brings greater compassion and the urge to help others to come to know who they are. The knowledge is now here. I believe it to be one of the most important gifts to Mankind.

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