Daily Impact - November 28 2021, 21:06 UTC *

The ‘Daily Impact’ interpretation reflects the impact of the Sun and Earth (70% of the neutrino influence) on what happens in the world as time moves us through the Gates and Lines of the Human Design wheel. 

What is offered here is a general frame to the day, especially in terms of external conditioning and potential identification with the power of the Sun’s influence through a particular Gate theme. Also consider what is written about the grounding effect of the Gate in the Earth position of the day. Take note of the Line of the day and think about the quality of the Line and the Rave I Ching cryptic sentence. And, of course, pay attention to any Channels that may be formed on the day, as that Life Force will most certainly be relevant to whatever happens. 

For those of you who are more familiar with the Gates and Channels, pay attention to the chart of the day which shows us the detail of the day’s imprint. Look for Gates that may join a ‘hanging’ Gate in your chart, notice the planetary accent it has and ponder upon its relevance to your day. Above all else, ‘The Daily Impact’ is a tool to assist subscribers to witness themselves living their life within ‘The Program’ and becoming more aware by observing the themes unfold.


Keynote: The Taming Power of the Small

Bodygraph position: The SACRAL Centre

Quarter: The Quarter of Mutation - Purpose fulfilled through Transformation

Line 2 - Misery loves company

Exalted: Collaboration with others to temper frustration. The power to collaborate with others in focusing.

Detriment: The overwhelming need for expansion can lead to errors in judgment, missed opportunities and depression. The drive to collaborate that will miss the focus.

* Tibetans creating a magnificently intricate mandala consisting of coloured sands. The attention to detail has to be absolute and the focus to manifest such a temporary masterpiece is simply awesome. The Wheel shows us that the 9th Gate is in the Quarter of Mutation, where the life is fulfilled through transformation. When one can focus on the correct thing and stay with it, life can indeed be transformed.

The 9th Gate in the Sun brings us the energy to focus on the small details of life. This is a time to consider the next logical step in detail.

This is a good time to get on with things that have seemed too fiddly or tiresome to handle before. If you’ve been putting off doing your accounts this may be a time when you can bring the necessary focus to get the job done.

If you have an Open Sacral Centre, then this is a time to watch that you don’t work too hard to focus on the small details. Remember you don’t mechanically know when enough is enough and in this activation it can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in the energy around you.

The nature of the Logical Circuit also brings us the possibility that there can be a great deal of irritation over small details at this time. Be careful not to turn molehills into mountains.

My general advice is to do one thing at a time to use this transit to its best advantage. When something has been lurking in the background as a frustration because you simply haven’t had the energy to focus on it, even if you don’t complete whatever it is, any small step along the way can be intensely satisfying.

This energy is one of determination and focus. Use it well. Don’t overdo it, but allow the ‘plod’ to become more interesting the deeper your attention to it becomes.

The Sun’s impact is grounded in the 16th Gate of Skills, the Hexagram of Enthusiasm. On the positive side, this may mean that we may be focusing on the skills that can help us achieve our focus or honing in on exactly what it is that we can really channel our energy into. It may also be a time when we chase skills by signing up in one workshop or training course too many, only to regret the time and money invested, after the transit has passed. So following one’s Strategy and Authority is vital.

Harmonic Gate

If you have the 52nd Gate in the Root Centre, then this is a time when you may well find yourself able to be still and focus on something for an extended time, without the restlessness you are used to feeling. It could be a great relief to finally gain a focus and achieve something that brings you a great deal of satisfaction.

2ND LINE DAY : Hermit • Natural • Playful • Being

This is the Line of the ‘Hermit’. So this may well be a day when we would rather be alone and in our own self-motivation. It may be a day of ‘pottering’ doing a little bit of one thing and then naturally moving onto something else and the whole day can go by quickly.

The 2nd Line carries with it the tendency to be unaware and naïve. So it may be a day when ‘the rug gets pulled out from under us’. Or, more simply put, a day when we can have encounters we never planned or expected.

The 2nd Line is also known as the Line of the ‘Natural’. So this can be a time when there can be a smoothness in displaying certain natural gifts we may possess, due to the Resonance (2nd Line Gates) or Harmonies (5th Line Gates) in our Design.

The 2nd Line also has a youthful connotation to it, so today may be a time when we are conditioned to be more playful. Notice in children the astonishing natural gift they have of moving rapidly from being upset one minute to laughing and forgetting about the upset the next. The fluidity of this natural influence can make work become a playful experience.

There is also the possibility of wanting to be naturally ‘open’ to others, like a child interested in new people or, as in accordance with the hermit theme, it can be a day of closing off to others, bringing the drawbridge up and preferring to spend time in your own space.

The 2nd Line has a reputation for saying, “I just can’t be bothered!” This is partly because of the self-motivated aspect of the Line. It is also because others can see into the 2nd Line gifts that we may possess in our Design, but we don’t know it. So people may repeatedly be telling us we’re brilliant at this or that and we just don’t want to know because we don’t think it’s anything special, or we don’t feel called to look at it at that time.

There is also the theme of being shy or bold. So we may want to avoid the ‘limelight’ or we may seek it out because of a mission we’re on at the moment.

The theme of being ‘called’ is inherent to today. 2nd Lines are basically ‘waiting for the call’. So there is also the possibility that we will be invited or shown or encounter something today that really ‘floats our boat’, and sets us in a new direction for which we are ideally suited.

Remember this 2nd Line theme is the transit of today. Just because it is affecting us doesn’t mean we should automatically follow ‘the call’, or hermit ourselves away. Our decisions lead to the kind of life we live. Decisions that are correct, according to Human Design, come from living by one’s Strategy and Authority.

Get to know the themes of the Lines as they come by as regular cycles throughout the weeks and months. As you track them, even occasionally, you will become more and more aware of the Program within which we live. Don’t let the conditioning of the day take you away from following your Strategy and Authority. Just look deeper into what is happening to you and around you.

Take this transit as an opportunity to see these themes occur within and around you. As you see them you will then have the opportunity to consider that you yourself may indeed be a pattern in a larger Program, as described by The Human Design System. If you can verify the truth of the transiting Gates in your life today, then I trust it will remind you to come back to following your Strategy and Authority - for that is the way to play the game. It is the way to wake up mechanically and experience what it is like to flow along in your life as yourself, without the resistance that comes from trying to live a conditioned life in a ‘Not-self’ world. 

As we notice the daily impact upon our own Human Design imprint during the day, we naturally grow in our awareness of ourselves and the adventure of what it is to be alive in a world that is constantly conditioning us.

Those who are Reflectors can align to the daily transit, paying particular attention to the drive of the Moon. The rest of us, Manifestors, Generators and Projectors are here to resist the conditioning in terms of our decision-making and learn from it to increase our wisdom.


UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a time standard based on Earth's rotation. It is a modern continuation of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), i.e., the mean solar time on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England. Check the time in your location against UT to calculate precisely when this transit will impact you. For instance, if you live in New York you will be 5 hours behind UT.

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