Daily Impact - December 8 2019, 11:46 UTC *

The ‘Daily Impact’ interpretation reflects the impact of the Sun and Earth (70% of the neutrino influence) on what happens in the world as time moves us through the Gates and Lines of the Human Design wheel. 

What is offered here is a general frame to the day, especially in terms of external conditioning and potential identification with the power of the Sun’s influence through a particular Gate theme. Also consider what is written about the grounding effect of the Gate in the Earth position of the day. Take note of the Line of the day and think about the quality of the Line and the Rave I Ching cryptic sentence. And, of course, pay attention to any Channels that may be formed on the day, as that Life Force will most certainly be relevant to whatever happens. 

For those of you who are more familiar with the Gates and Channels, pay attention to the chart of the day which shows us the detail of the day’s imprint. Look for Gates that may join a ‘hanging’ Gate in your chart, notice the planetary accent it has and ponder upon its relevance to your day. Above all else, ‘The Daily Impact’ is a tool to assist subscribers to witness themselves living their life within ‘The Program’ and becoming more aware by observing the themes unfold.

Gate 5 - Waiting


Bodygraph position: The SACRAL Centre

Quarter: The Quarter of Mutation - Purpose fulfilled through Transformation

Line 6 - Yielding

Keynote: Waiting is never free from pressure, physical or mental and is often punctuated by the unexpected.

Exalted: The growth of awareness that comes with bending to the universal flow. Accepting that in one's fixed rhythm despite the pressures, growth will be empowered, and often through the unexpected. No polarity.

Detriment: There is no planet in detriment; each in its way, given the power of this position, will yield to the inevitable.

* Here we see Asian female drummers in perfect sync with each other. Their timing has to be perfect, as does their poise, to produce an audiovisual pattern and rhythm that engulfs the audience with their powerful combined presence. The Wheel in the illustration reminds us that the 5th Gate comes from the Quarter of Mutation with its potential power to transform through the pattern.

The Sun transits into Gate 5, the Gate of Fixed Rhythms, which brings us the power of habits, or of being anchored to timing that may not be in alignment with who we are. It may be immensely frustrating, in the sense that we can move in our life according to a tempo that is not of our liking. There may be an extra layer of irritation to be endured during this time.

It can also open us up to seeing what patterns we are moving to in our life. What habits we have adopted that are either giving us more functionality in our lives, or are simply getting in the way of a smoother life.

In some cases this transit can bring us an appreciation of the natural rhythms of nature, whether externally or internally.

It provides us with the context of timing and rhythms. Are you moving too fast? Do you need to anchor yourself within a more functional, orderly and logical appropriate pace? Do you need to take a break? Is it time to break a pattern that no longer serves you? These are all potentially relevant questions that may arise or be felt at an energetic level.

Many of us do not have a healthy relationship with time and suffer as a result. Now is the time to examine that relationship. Beware of trying to enforce a specific pattern onto your lifestyle that may not be sustainable (if you have an Open Sacral Centre) and cause you to use so much energy that it becomes counter-productive. On the other hand, if you do need more order applied to the timing in your life, then this would be a good time to examine what is potentially useful for you in accordance with who you are.

Always apply your Strategy and Authority to any changes this transit presents to you. Take advantage of becoming more conscious of the patterns that bind you, or the way you deny your own nature in the face of external rhythms that you have allowed to take over your life.

Now consider the fact that the 35th Gate grounds this transit. The Gate of Change anchoring the Fixed Rhythms of the 5th Gate brings us experiential progress within a timing sequence. This Gate expresses its experience within a certain time period and marches us through what happened. So we can expect to hear the expression of experience and the consideration of the consequences of changing our rhythm, habits and lifestyle tempo. This may also be a time when we consider a change, such as feeling it’s time to go away on holiday.  

Harmonic Gate

If you have the 15th Gate in your Design then this can be a time when you may feel a great deal of dissonance. The 15th Gate in your Design (in a Fixed G Centre) gives an extreme aspect to your identity and a profound loathing of being pulled into someone else’s timing and rhythm. It can be very uncomfortable to experience having to fit in with an external rhythm that has to be endured. Remember that this is a temporary transit and it will pass. Learn more about yourself during this time. Remind yourself that people in different cultures deal with time in different ways. Consider the way people live in Africa or India and acknowledge that you are not someone to be ruled by the fixed rhythms of others.

6TH LINE DAY : Authenticity • Objectivity • Optimism • Leadership

This is primarily a day when we can expect to exhibit behaviour that is more individualistic, and to notice that others are also being more true to themselves or, alternatively, being hypocritical with a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. The basic keynote of this Line is ‘Role Model’, which is really all about being authentically oneself or not.

Generally speaking, the influence of this Line brings in a more optimistic approach to the world, one than can be more objective, and from that stance being able to see the bigger picture.

Leadership is also part of the day’s flavour, but this does not necessarily mean that we will see leadership in actions. Yes, that may well happen, but the 6th Line Leadership is one where no leadership will be forthcoming unless it can be perceived to be going somewhere, otherwise why bother? So we, or those around us, may not step into leadership position if there is no point in so doing.

Here we come to the theme of trust. If a 6th Line doesn’t trust anything will come of it, then it will not exhibit its leadership. In the larger sense, we may all be considering various trust issues with those around us. “Can we trust them?” “Do we trust them?” “Do they trust us?”

In alignment with the themes already mentioned, we should also consider the fact that the 6th Line brings us the themes of sympathy or apathy. We may find ourselves getting involved with someone if we are sympathetic to them, and not if we think there is no point and we are apathetic about them.

Get to know the themes of the Lines as they come by as regular cycles throughout the weeks and months. As you track them, even occasionally, you will become more and more aware of the Program within which we live. Don’t let the conditioning of the day take you away from following your Strategy and Authority. Just look deeper into what is happening to you and around you.

Take this transit as an opportunity to see these themes occur within and around you. As you see them you will then have the opportunity to consider that you yourself may indeed be a pattern in a larger Program, as described by The Human Design System. If you can verify the truth of the transiting Gates in your life today, then I trust it will remind you to come back to following your Strategy and Authority - for that is the way to play the game. It is the way to wake up mechanically and experience what it is like to flow along in your life as yourself, without the resistance that comes from trying to live a conditioned life in a ‘Not-self’ world. 

As we notice the daily impact upon our own Human Design imprint during the day, we naturally grow in our awareness of ourselves and the adventure of what it is to be alive in a world that is constantly conditioning us.

Those who are Reflectors can align to the daily transit, paying particular attention to the drive of the Moon. The rest of us, Manifestors, Generators and Projectors are here to resist the conditioning in terms of our decision-making and learn from it to increase our wisdom.


UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a time standard based on Earth's rotation. It is a modern continuation of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), i.e., the mean solar time on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England. Check the time in your location against UT to calculate precisely when this transit will impact you. For instance, if you live in New York you will be 5 hours behind UT.

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