Daily Impact - November 26 2022, 19:55 UTC *

The ‘Daily Impact’ interpretation reflects the impact of the Sun and Earth (70% of the neutrino influence) on what happens in the world as time moves us through the Gates and Lines of the Human Design wheel. 

What is offered here is a general frame to the day, especially in terms of external conditioning and potential identification with the power of the Sun’s influence through a particular Gate theme. Also consider what is written about the grounding effect of the Gate in the Earth position of the day. Take note of the Line of the day and think about the quality of the Line and the Rave I Ching cryptic sentence. And, of course, pay attention to any Channels that may be formed on the day, as that Life Force will most certainly be relevant to whatever happens. 

For those of you who are more familiar with the Gates and Channels, pay attention to the chart of the day which shows us the detail of the day’s imprint. Look for Gates that may join a ‘hanging’ Gate in your chart, notice the planetary accent it has and ponder upon its relevance to your day. Above all else, ‘The Daily Impact’ is a tool to assist subscribers to witness themselves living their life within ‘The Program’ and becoming more aware by observing the themes unfold.

Gate 34 - The Power of the Great


Bodygraph position: The SACRAL Centre

Quarter: The Quarter of Mutation - Purpose fulfilled through Transformation

Line 5 - Annihilation

Keynote: The total elimination of resistance.

Exalted: The power to destroy completely and once this is accomplished, the ability to transfer the power to normal purposes. The resistance to release power other than when necessary.

Detriment: A difficulty in shedding the patterns established to deal with resistance. Symbolized by its phases, the feeling that nothing is permanently annihilated. The discomfort with the need to always release power.

* Here we see Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting a huge weight in bar bells, showing his immense strength for all to see. This image is epitomé of pure unconditioned power in use. He is also a man who made a film career out of playing the ‘heavy’ with his awesome and obvious intimidating strength.

When this Gate of raw power comes into the transit field we can expect to be conditioned to use our energy for ourselves. So more of what one could judge as a ‘selfish’ energy may be noticed.

However this Individual energy is absolutely necessary for ‘Individuals’, who may need to put their attention into getting the things done that are uniquely beneficial for themselves.

The 34th energy can get an awful lot done. In that sense, we may either be able to leap ahead in what needs to be done, or suffer the melancholy of not knowing where to put our energy. If you are a non-Sacral being, take special care not to exhaust yourself during this time.

We may experience the urge to demonstrate our difference in a powerful way, possibly through over-reaction to those who would like us to do something we don’t want to do, or by using too much power to get things done, with the consequences of breakages, initiating negative feelings in others or simply using our power in a clumsy way that may be offensive.

Because of the nature of this particular energy, we should also be ready to find ourselves and others much more unavailable to do things that do not directly bring them personal benefit.

This is a power that is so great we rush into doings things that perhaps should not be done, for instance, because this is a Gate which is part of the ‘Integration Channel’ there may be a survival aspect to what we get done, that could be inappropriate. It can, of course, be used to do those things that were overdue and sorely necessary.

It may also be a great time to empower those around you, or to encourage them to take better care of themselves.

This tremendously powerful energy may bring an urge for us, or others, to release a build-up of withheld power or suppressed frustration in a physical way. This is not the time to ask your boss for a raise, as you may be too pushy and they may push back to your detriment.

The 34th Gate is grounded in the harmonic Gate 20. See below and know that this harmonic will have more influence than the others.

Harmonic Gates

Harmonic Gate (20): If you have the 20th Gate in the Throat Centre, then the themes in the ‘Channel of Charisma’ apply. This could be a time when you become very busy and self-absorbed in your own busyness. Bear in mind that being busy may not be about actually doing something, it could also be about being busy doing very little. For instance, if you have exhausted yourself you may just find yourself using this theme to watch a film or read a book. The main thing is that you do what you want to do. There is the possibility that you may become more ‘pushy’ with others if they are getting in your way. Be careful not to stomp over those that you feel restrict your inherent freedom, as this is not a subtle energy and inappropriate actions tend to have negative repercussions. If you are on the receiving end of this kind of encounter, then remember the transit influence could be the cause.

Harmonic Gate (10): If you have the 10th Gate in the G Centre, then the themes in the ‘Channel of Exploration’ apply to some degree. This could be a time when you just want to do your own thing and centre in on yourself. Take this opportunity to explore what you really love to do with your time. You may find yourself cutting off from others, as you push your way through their agendas and follow your own. With the 34th theme active, this could be a time where you find a possible vocation and try it out, to see if it truly fits with you.

Harmonic Gate (57): If you have the 57th Gate in the Splenic Centre, then the ‘Channel of Power’ becomes the generated theme to bear in mind. If the 57th Gate is in a Fixed Splenic Centre, you may be tempted to make spontaneous decisions and follow them through into actions that you may regret later on. If you are an Emotional being, this is especially a time to wait out your emotional wave. Perceived threats to our individual life may become something we find ourselves over-reacting to, by being ‘on our guard’ in a way that can be interpreted as being dictatorial or overly defensive. However, if you are involved in sports that require fast reactions, then this is the time to use the transit to your advantage as the ‘Channel of Power’ is often fast!

5TH LINE DAY : Heresy • Seduction • Practical • Transpersonal

This is a primarily practical day, so we will all be conditioned to actually doing or using something rather than just thinking about it. Of course, our own Profiles remain in place, so although a pragmatic theme may be in the air, following our Strategy and Authority will allow us to get help if necessary to apply a workable and constructive approach to things today.

The theme of heresy also applies during this time. So we may find ourselves behaving in a way that could have some people questioning or resisting what we do or say as we veer away from the norm.

The attractive and seductive frame given to us by the 5th Line helps the practical and heretical themes. Seduction holds such a ‘charge’ in our language, but it may well be in our best interests if we are seduced into something that we wouldn’t normally be open to, but which could be precisely what is needed.

The 5th Line theme of ‘being projected upon’ can, on the one hand, have us projecting upon others that they are saviours for us, providing practical assistance when needed; and on the other hand the negative connotations must also be considered. In this case, blame can be thrown at us, or we can find ourselves blaming others, when the projection field blinds us to the actual reality and things don’t go as planned. The saviour becomes the one who is at fault and the seduction is seen as deception.

It’s a transpersonal day, so we can expect to have connections with others and that includes those we don’t know. Strangers may be of benefit to us, or not. The quality of selflessness or selfishness may be applied to the unfolding events of the day.

Finally, the binary of rebellion or discipline also has to be included. 5th Line rebelliousness can be particularly nasty, but then again, it may be precisely what is needed if the status quo is unbalanced.

Get to know the themes of the Lines as they come by as regular cycles throughout the weeks and months. As you track them, even occasionally, you will become more and more aware of the Program within which we live. Don’t let the conditioning of the day take you away from following your Strategy and Authority. Just look deeper into what is happening to you and around you.

Take this transit as an opportunity to see these themes occur within and around you. As you see them you will then have the opportunity to consider that you yourself may indeed be a pattern in a larger Program, as described by The Human Design System. If you can verify the truth of the transiting Gates in your life today, then I trust it will remind you to come back to following your Strategy and Authority - for that is the way to play the game. It is the way to wake up mechanically and experience what it is like to flow along in your life as yourself, without the resistance that comes from trying to live a conditioned life in a ‘Not-self’ world. 

As we notice the daily impact upon our own Human Design imprint during the day, we naturally grow in our awareness of ourselves and the adventure of what it is to be alive in a world that is constantly conditioning us.

Those who are Reflectors can align to the daily transit, paying particular attention to the drive of the Moon. The rest of us, Manifestors, Generators and Projectors are here to resist the conditioning in terms of our decision-making and learn from it to increase our wisdom.


UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a time standard based on Earth's rotation. It is a modern continuation of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), i.e., the mean solar time on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England. Check the time in your location against UT to calculate precisely when this transit will impact you. For instance, if you live in New York you will be 5 hours behind UT.

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