Daily Impact - July 16 2019, 01:18 UTC *

The ‘Daily Impact’ interpretation reflects the impact of the Sun and Earth (70% of the neutrino influence) on what happens in the world as time moves us through the Gates and Lines of the Human Design wheel. 

What is offered here is a general frame to the day, especially in terms of external conditioning and potential identification with the power of the Sun’s influence through a particular Gate theme. Also consider what is written about the grounding effect of the Gate in the Earth position of the day. Take note of the Line of the day and think about the quality of the Line and the Rave I Ching cryptic sentence. And, of course, pay attention to any Channels that may be formed on the day, as that Life Force will most certainly be relevant to whatever happens. 

For those of you who are more familiar with the Gates and Channels, pay attention to the chart of the day which shows us the detail of the day’s imprint. Look for Gates that may join a ‘hanging’ Gate in your chart, notice the planetary accent it has x and ponder upon its relevance to your day. Above all else, ‘The Daily Impact’ is a tool to assist subscribers to witness themselves living their life within ‘The Program’ x and becoming more aware by observing the themes unfold.

Gate 62 - Preponderance of the Small


Bodygraph position: The THROAT Centre

Quarter: The Quarter of Civilisation - Purpose fulfilled through Form

Line 3 - Discovery

Exalted: A genius for the unusual. The ability to discover valuable information in detail work and to find innovative applications for this knowledge. The unusual gift of finding and expressing valuable details.

Detriment: A dissatisfaction with the monotony of detail work, where what is missed may be of great importance and value. The expression of dissatisfaction and boredom in detail work.

* Here we see an intriguing and intricate pattern made out of carefully positioned coloured crayons. Each crayon has also been truncated precisely in order to create the impressive crayon ‘bowl’. This represents both the ‘eye for detail’, the mundane reality of the Maya (of which the 62 is an important part), the visual aspect of the Logical Circuit and the statement such a presentation makes. The joke here is that: ‘logic likes to makes its point’.

The Gate of Detail shines on us during this transit. So we can expect to be noticing the factual details that are being expressed in conversations and the precise intonation as we, or others, make our point on some matter or other. We are also likely to notice a lack of significant details, and be tempted to jump in and correct or refine descriptions or instructions.

Whether at home or at work, we may find ourselves restless and bored by the routines and the petty details that need to be dealt with; the monotony can make certain patches of this transit rather grey and tedious. Conversely, with the future projection trajectory inherent in all Logical Gates, we could find ourselves creating fantasies to make the tedium more interesting. One example of this, especially for transpersonal Profiles, would be to assign different names to everyday objects or naming people around us according to what we ‘really’ think about them, for our own amusement.

We may also find ourselves looking into the details of something that we have researched, and looking forward to the right time to be able to share our understanding with others. In a similar vein, this is an excellent time for making lists for future projects. For example, what is probably going to be needed on a proposed holiday?

There may be debate or even arguments about the validity or merit of something or other, based upon the relevancy of the facts being considered. If you have an Open Throat Centre, then be aware that you may be tempted to go into too much unwanted detail in discussions with others and meet resistance because of that. We may also be inviting someone to help us to understand something that is complicated, or conversely helping others towards clarity by taking them through a sequence and therefore making the conclusion clearer.

This is a good time to review something we’ve created, whether written, filmic, artistic and so on, because in the replay we may be able to improve upon the work, as new details could jump out at us.

The Earth is grounding us in the frequency of Gate 61, the Gate of the Mysteries. So we may see in the details of patterns or hierarchies, whether mundane or creative, a more esoteric meaning or association. Conversely, this is also a good time for obscuring details by over-emphasising a mysterious quality. As an example, selling all kinds of poorly made trinkets for higher prices, because they have an astrological connotation e.g. astrological candles, pendants, toothbrushes, earrings etc.

We may find people are being more reasonable with us, and ourselves with others, and conversely we may encounter those that are unreasonable in their demands.

Harmonic Gate

If you have the 17th Gate, the ‘Gate of Opinions’ in your chart, then ‘The Channel of Acceptance’ is pertinent. As a result you may find yourself getting more organised in your life, sorting things out, making lists and scheduling more precisely than usual.

It could be a good time to work with numbers and making calculations that, usually, you find hard to get enthusiastic about, but at this time it may be no problem.

Regarding problems, you should be aware that you could be creating a few for yourself at this time. You may find yourself to be more argumentative, because it may be easier for you to ‘have the facts at your fingertips’ during this transit. This Channel enjoys a good argument, and especially winning one. The presence of the ‘Gate of Details’ in the background field may lead you to, incorrectly, initiate confrontations with those that you find doing or saying things you find annoying. There may also the overuse of detail that you or others just can’t accept.

As always, follow your Strategy and Authority, and remember this is a Projector Channel, which means you need to be invited to share your opinions. This is a Channel of speaking, not a Channel of doing. Statements made incorrectly, about what we may do in the future, will probably be simply intentions that have been aired, rather than goals that can be achieved.

It may be an excellent time for public speaking where you have a standpoint to share or defend. Or there could be opportunities to clarify things for others or offer reassurance about the future.

3RD LINE DAY : Trial and Error • Mutative • Material • Bonds made and Broken

This is a mutative time where things may not go as planned. Flow with the chaos that may come with this day. Use your Strategy and Authority to navigate through what may be the meeting of the unexpected.

The 3rd Line carries with it the tendency to ‘bump’ into things or people. Now this could be perceived as negative or positive. Negative in terms of accidents or breakages or positive in terms of the sudden appearance of an old friend or perhaps finding yourself outside a store that has exactly what you want at a sale price.

The 3rd Line is also known as the Line of Trial and Error. So this can be a time when more inaccuracies or mistakes may manifest. It is a process of experiential learning. Sure, something may go wrong, but in learning why it went wrong new discoveries may be made.

The 3rd Line also has a material connotation to it. So this is also a time when money could be made... or lost. It is a time when the material demands of modern society may wear heavy on our heads or a time when we get to grips with the material necessities and deal with it.

There is also the possibility of experiencing shame in some way due to ‘mistakes’ that may be made. We need to be forgiving of ourselves, and others, today. After all it is the transit that is affecting us, and it is not as easy to live by one’s Strategy and Authority it is to understand it conceptually. Also see that ‘mistakes’ are essential for us to grow; by encountering limits we may not recognise in ourselves unless we experience them.

Bonds being made and broken is an important 3rd Line theme. The 3rd Line is adaptive and that entails breaking bonds that are obstructive, restricting or unpleasant. If you have a 3rd Line in your Profile, then it is important for you to break the bonds in order to expand your experience of life. On this day everyone will be conditioned to do so to some extent. Our Strategy and Authority will let us know if it’s correct or not. Be aware that the majority of the population don’t know they are being conditioned today by this theme, so watch it play out. Bonds that have been broken can be mended later on, in some cases.

Get to know the themes of the Lines as they come by as regular cycles throughout the weeks and months. As you track them, even occasionally, you will become more and more aware of the Program within which we live. Don’t let the conditioning of the day take you away from following your Strategy and Authority. Just look deeper into what is happening to you and around you.

Take this transit as an opportunity to see these themes occur within and around you. As you see them you will then have the opportunity to consider that you yourself may indeed be a pattern in a larger Program, as described by The Human Design System. If you can verify the truth of the transiting Gates in your life today, then I trust it will remind you to come back to following your Strategy and Authority - for that is the way to play the game. It is the way to wake up mechanically and experience what it is like to flow along in your life as yourself, without the resistance that comes from trying to live a conditioned life in a ‘Not-self’ world. 

As we notice the daily impact upon our own Human Design imprint during the day, we naturally grow in our awareness of ourselves and the adventure of what it is to be alive in a world that is constantly conditioning us.

Those who are Reflectors can align to the daily transit, paying particular attention to the drive of the Moon. The rest of us, Manifestors, Generators and Projectors are here to resist the conditioning in terms of our decision-making and learn from it to increase our wisdom.


UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a time standard based on Earth's rotation. It is a modern continuation of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), i.e., the mean solar time on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England. Check the time in your location against UT to calculate precisely when this transit will impact you. For instance, if you live in New York you will be 5 hours behind UT.

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