Daily Impact - March 28 2023, 02:54 UTC *

The ‘Daily Impact’ interpretation reflects the impact of the Sun and Earth (70% of the neutrino influence) on what happens in the world as time moves us through the Gates and Lines of the Human Design wheel. 

What is offered here is a general frame to the day, especially in terms of external conditioning and potential identification with the power of the Sun’s influence through a particular Gate theme. Also consider what is written about the grounding effect of the Gate in the Earth position of the day. Take note of the Line of the day and think about the quality of the Line and the Rave I Ching cryptic sentence. And, of course, pay attention to any Channels that may be formed on the day, as that Life Force will most certainly be relevant to whatever happens. 

For those of you who are more familiar with the Gates and Channels, pay attention to the chart of the day which shows us the detail of the day’s imprint. Look for Gates that may join a ‘hanging’ Gate in your chart, notice the planetary accent it has and ponder upon its relevance to your day. Above all else, ‘The Daily Impact’ is a tool to assist subscribers to witness themselves living their life within ‘The Program’ and becoming more aware by observing the themes unfold.

Gate 17 - Following


Bodygraph position: The AJNA Centre

Quarter: The Quarter of Initiation - Purpose fulfilled through Mind

Line 4 - The personnel manager

Exalted: The ability to probe and discover the underlying motivation and resources of those who wish to follow. The possibility of opinions based on the understanding of others.

Detriment: The overgenerous and often misguided acceptance of would-be followers, often with disastrous results. The possibility of opinions attracting others.

* Here we see Mahatma Gandhi addressing a large crowd of people. His Human Design chart shows he had the 17/62 Channel (plus the 5/15 and 38/28) and his mental certainty of the validity of his viewpoint, empowered by his extreme bouts of fasting, brought the end to the British regime in India. Never forget the power of ideas to change the world, once they get in front of enough people.

During this transit we have the ‘Gate of Logical Opinions’ impacting us all. So a good dose of criticism can be expected. There are likely to be arguments over entrenched views and people defending their standpoint and attacking the views of others.

There may also be moralistic judgements of what is good and what is bad, healthy or unhealthy, politically correct or incorrect, that you may consider during this time or others may attempt to present to you.

The positive side of logical concepts is that they may contain a possible solution to problems that concern us about our future. Logic is so reassuring, it can make us feel safe because there is a predictable pattern that we can perceive and the assumption is that if we follow it we will get to the predicted result.

Conversely, we may experience mental anxiety or worry too much about some problem in our lives that we can’t ‘see’ a way through. There is a visual aspect to this influence and the image around which we conceive a solution may take time to construct. Remember transits come and transits go. Try not to take life too seriously.

However, it the perceived pattern is missing some essential facts, or the data has been incorrectly entered into the computer, then the whole house of cards can come crashing down. Life is not totally logical. Mutation, human error, acts of nature, all kinds of things that we never foreseen can enter the scene. So during this transit make use of what can be a concise thinking process, but remember a plan is just a plan, a logical idea is still just an idea, no matter how perfect it may seem. Repeated experimentation is needed to validate any theory and, if you act on your ideas without following your Strategy and Authority, then you may well find yourself being in the experiment yourself as the guinea pig! Beware of making life decisions from your mind.

One can also see this as a time when problems can be rationally considered and a way through problems may pop up for you. Just make sure you double check the facts and don’t be so in love with your plan that you fail to include a decent buffer zone of time or money (if business related), or some possible backup plans in case of the unexpected.

Our estimate of how long a task or project may take could be well ‘off the mark’ during this transit. Give yourself more time than you can imagine you may need, because you may indeed need it. Logic loves straight lines, life doesn’t.

The 18th Gate brings the grounding frequency of this transit. So we can expect critical awareness to be a theme at this time. We need to follow our Strategy and Authority to ensure that this awareness doesn’t express itself unless it’s been invited. We may find ourselves thinking that we need to do something about our health, or clean up our environment or even challenge those who we think are not doing a good job.

Harmonic Gate

If you have the 62nd Gate in your chart then this may be a time when you can think of the concepts that will fit with the facts you have at your fingertips. This is a good time to get organised. A time when you may be able to express a plan or conceptual framework that others can readily understand. 

4TH LINE DAY : Friendship • Opportunism • Networking • Fixed

This is a good day for opportunities as the 4th Line of Opportunism conditions us all today. What opportunities will we meet during our day? They could be either personal or business-related. It would be wise to keep our eyes open. This is a good day for networking, if it’s correct for us to do so.

The theme of friendship will also be strong today. It may surprise us that several friends all contact us ‘out of the blue’ today. This can be important as not everyone is designed to be good at keeping in touch with others, so this conditioning can be helpful for strengthening the links to our network of friends. It may be a day when we seek to confide in someone or they confide in us.

Of course, there is the opposite side of the binary as well; there is the possibility of being ‘burnt out’ by too much talking and relating with friends and we may suffer from ‘people-fatigue’ today.

There is an inherent kindness during the 4th Line days, in alignment with the theme of friendship and opportunism; but it also carries the shadow of meanness, so we may be surprised by some of our interactions today that may leave a bad taste in our mouths following a mean gesture or some unkind words.

Another binary to consider today is Benefactor or Dependant. We may find ourselves on either side of this binary, either seeking support in some way from others or helping someone who is dependent upon us.

The Aspired-to role is aloneness. Aloneness is the medium of creativity, so despite the inherently social nature of the day, it may also manifest for us times when we just want to be alone in our own creative processes.

This is the most ‘fixed’ of all Lines, so this is not a good day to try to adapt to changing situations. Indeed, it may be frustrating or annoying to encounter those who will not willingly change their ways to accommodate what we may want.

Get to know the themes of the Lines as they come by as regular cycles throughout the weeks and months. As you track them, even occasionally, you will become more and more aware of the Program within which we live. Don’t let the conditioning of the day take you away from following your Strategy and Authority. Just look deeper into what is happening to you and around you.

Take this transit as an opportunity to see these themes occur within and around you. As you see them you will then have the opportunity to consider that you yourself may indeed be a pattern in a larger Program, as described by The Human Design System. If you can verify the truth of the transiting Gates in your life today, then I trust it will remind you to come back to following your Strategy and Authority - for that is the way to play the game. It is the way to wake up mechanically and experience what it is like to flow along in your life as yourself, without the resistance that comes from trying to live a conditioned life in a ‘Not-self’ world. 

As we notice the daily impact upon our own Human Design imprint during the day, we naturally grow in our awareness of ourselves and the adventure of what it is to be alive in a world that is constantly conditioning us.

Those who are Reflectors can align to the daily transit, paying particular attention to the drive of the Moon. The rest of us, Manifestors, Generators and Projectors are here to resist the conditioning in terms of our decision-making and learn from it to increase our wisdom.


UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a time standard based on Earth's rotation. It is a modern continuation of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), i.e., the mean solar time on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England. Check the time in your location against UT to calculate precisely when this transit will impact you. For instance, if you live in New York you will be 5 hours behind UT.

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