Rave ABC Course


This is a general course, which can be taken by anyone who has had a Personal Comprehensive Analysis Reading, attended The Living Your Design Course and wants to know more about how Human Design works. It is also an essential step for those wishing to do the professiona analyst training. Rave ABC is the basic fundamental starting place for the pursuit of analysing and interpreting Rave Bodygraphs. Whether you are in pursuit of a career in Human Design or wish to understand and know who to apply Human Design in your every day life, ABC is an essential course in understanding the next layer in the science and knowledge of Human Design.


To help participants to develop the ability to interpret a chart at a basic level for family and friends as well as to gain invaluable insights into the mechanics of Human Design. The course will also reinforce the importance of Type and Strategy to ensure effective behaviour.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

Cost of ABC Course: £300.

Pre-requisites: A Personal Comprehensive Analysis and Living Your Design Course.

Required Course Materials: The ABC Student Manual available from our Online Store.

Please register your interest by emailing us at office@human.design