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Rave Cartography - Foundation Course 3 (Level 2) TEACHING FILM

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The third and final course that completes the general education in Human Design. A Level 2 course.


Full Description


This is the third of our general courses, which builds upon the information contained in LYD (Living Your Design) and Rave ABC Courses. It constitutes also the third step towards professional IHDS qualification for those pursuing Analyst training. 

This course contains both Rave Cartography I and Rave Cartography II in a single unified presentation.


To help participants develop the ability to examine a chart in detail and understand how the conditioned (Not-self) and authentic aspects of a design operates.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

Explain the authentic and Not-self strategies of each of the nine centres.

Explain how definition works in a Design.

Identify the authentic authority of any chart and how this supports effective decision-making.

Explain the subtleties of definition and how this differentiates the unique characteristics of each Design.

Explain how angles and each of the twelve profiles operate in a design in the context of type.

Demonstrate the ability to give a competent analysis of any chart.

Cost of Rave Cartography Course ( which includes 19 'on demand' films online plus two live sessions): £599

Pre-Requisites: Personal Comprehensive Analysis, Living Your Design Course and Rave ABC Course

Required Course Materials: Participants need the Rave Cartography Student Manuals Vol 1 and 2 from our Online Store. Recommended MMI Software - Student Edition.

Total Time Duration: All 19 films are available right now. The total time of all the films combined is 30 hours 18 minutes. (3 hrs 18 mins beyond the IHDS specified time required for this course). 1036 slides were constructed for this presentation. So it is an a truly solid foundation for those wishing to understand the Human Design System.

The teacher for this course is Richard Beaumont and is recognised by the IHDS as an authorised foundation course for those on the Professional Analyst trajectory..

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