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Ra Uru Hu takes us through the parameters of sexual mechanics and its consequences in our love relationships. Filmed on 21st November 2002 in Newcastle, United Kingdom

Full Description

Ra Uru Hu takes us through the parameters of sexual mechanics and it's consequences in our love relationships.

Ra begins with the basics of Partnership Analysis using the charts of the poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning. He stresses the importance of Type with Type.

The five possible variations in relationship based on Centre activation are introduced 9&0, 8&1, 7&2, 6&3 and 5&4 including the difficulties of being ina relationship when the Split in two Split Definitons remains. 

He goes on to introduce the Sacral respondability and the specific criteria for each of the Sacral Gates. In doing so descriptions of the specific sexual nature is outlined. He speaks of the Tantric Channels and their meaning and demonstrates the importance of the 14th Gate in terms of our direction in life. 

Ra describes the sexual Role gate 59 and its 6 different roles played out in entering into a sexual bond.

The Solar Plexus Gates that point to the Root are explained in terms of the various sexual drives. The link between food and sex is also discussed. A hilarious journey is then taken through the three emotional streams of Need, Desire and Passion with Ra at his best in bringing his sense of humour to bear, citing his own experience in sexual liasons to illustrated what can be uncomfortable truths.

The importance of the Profile confirguration in terms of Personal Destiny Profiles hooking up with Left Angle transpersonal Profiles.

Ra finishes the course with sound wisdom on how to deal with the sexual mechanics and Design that one has.

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