The Ajna Centre


Ra Uru Hu explains the mechanics of the Ajna centre.

Full Description

The Ajna Centre is the centre of our conceptualisation process. It is, in effect, the core of our Mind. But it has taken over our life and this self-reflective consciousness tries to run our life, which leads to the dysfunctional lives of the majority of people. Ra skilfully takes us into an understanding of our Mind's, it's limitation and its usefulness. He looks at both the Fixed and Open AJna configurations and takes us through the Gates of this Centre. It will certainly produce recognition in those who have their Human Design chart in front of them and can identify with the conceptual process as he describes it.

This video is supported by moving animation and superb graphics to add extra clarity to Ra's explanation.

This video is 28:08 minutes in length. Check out the free preview before purchasing.