The Mechanics of the Conscious Personality which will make you rethink the way your mind works.

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Part 1: The Mechanical Limitations of the Personality

A revolutionary expose of the entire ‘healing’ industry, this groundbreaking talk centres on the concept of the ‘Not-Self’, the learned behavioural patterns that mask our true nature. Focussing on the deep dilemmas between the Personality and the Design in our charts, Ra Uru Hu probes the hidden depths of how our unconscious truly operates, in spite of how our personality may be trained to think. For the first time, Ra explains how the profile in our design captures the essence of our human dilemma – that we are each a duality that can never be reconciled, but only understood.

Part 2: The Colours of Motivation

Adapted from The Global Incarnation Index, this talk continues to explore the depths of human behavioural patterns. Beneath the lines in our design lie six possible archetypal genetic themes. Through our profile, every one of us is motivated by a combination of these themes, and at a broader level, they underpin human psychology as a whole. The colours determine our individual hopes, fears and desires, and thus govern our direction through life. Through this knowledge you can see how two people born with identical Designs are motivated by genetic themes that make them entirely different. To know which colours motivate you requires your time of birth be accurate to within a few minutes.

Part 3: Depression and Mutation - The Gates of Melancholy

This is a talk that is applicable to everyone.We each carry activations in our design that take us into the darker side of our nature. The more of these you have, the greater your creative potential, and the greater your potential inner struggle. Touching on each of the 22 gates of Melancholy in turn, Ra outlines how we each have to come to accept the design of our dark side. By shining a light into those places that we often refuse to accept about ourselves, Human Design does not allow us to escape the feelings that sometimes threaten to overwhelm us. Instead, we are able to truly appreciate the times when we cannot see our way ahead in life and unlock the latent creative potential that can transform such times.We recommend this talk for everyone.

Part 4: Nature and Nurture - Reconciling Psychology and Fatalism

Concluding this course in Rave Psychology, Ra Uru Hu turns the lens on the age old question of whether our lives are predetermined by our genes, or whether our environment has a deeper influence on who we are. As a dualistic system from the outset, Human Design has a quick and simple answer to this question: that both are true. In this fascinating exploration, Ra shows that wherever we are defined in our design, that is where we are genetically programmed, and wherever we are undefined, that is where we are conditioned. Using examples of famous people, Ra goes on to show how different Types and designs respond in different ways to conditioning, and he illuminates how we carry our lessons in life from one incarnation through to the next, although in a wholly impersonal way. This talk is packed with real insights and gems that can really expand one’s view of how human behaviour truly operates at a mechanical level.

8.64 Hours. 268.3 mb

Recorded in Vienna, Austria. October 2001.