The 9 Centres


Ra Uru Hu describes all the 9 Centres.

Full Description

Each of the 9 Centres operates differently. They need to be grasped fully in order to enter into a solid understanding of the Human Design System. From the Centres activated comes The Type each person will live out. From the Centres come the Gates which give us our unique characteristics. From the Centres come the Channels and the Life Force we have been born with. So this is essential knowledge for both those wishing to learn The Human Design System and for those who wish to understand themselves, those who they share their life with and indeed, to get an understanding of what happens whenever they are in the aura of another person.

Ra goes into each of the Centres and in the majority of cases looks at the Gates and the Channels as well. This film has hundreds of animations and graphics to assist with understand the important concepts discussed.

This film is 5:39 hours in length. Check out the free preview of any or all of the Centres that are listed spearately in order to get a flavour of this film before purchasing.