Living Your Design - A Manual for Cellular Transformation


Living Your Design - A Manual for Cellular Transformation

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BEGINNER LEVEL. Living Your Design - A Manual for Cellular Transformation: Student Manual by Lynda Bunnell.

Lynda Bunnell was encouraged by Ra to develop and implement the new Living Your Design Guide program and to be the official teacher of the program for the IHDS International Human Design School.  This student's manual marks a new level of educational tool for students. It is essential reading for all those wishing to attend the Living Your Design course, which is part of the journey towards becoming an officially certified Human Design Analyst. This manual replaces Richard Rudd's classic 'Living Your Design - A Manual for Awakening' and includes chapters on: The Basic concepts of Human Design, Centres, Definition, Type, Authority and Strategy and as such is the most important foundation manual currently available.

274 Pages, Author: Lynda Bunnell. New Blue cover design - Printed on 90gm paper using white ring binding, card covers and 240 micron plastic protective sheets.

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