The 12 Profiles


Richard Beaumont describes all the 12 Profiles.

Full Description

Profile is profoundly important if you wish to understand the fundamental differences between people. Profile is the costume that each of us wears in this life. It is something we are born with and it remains with us our whole life. The details of one's Design, seen in the Channels and Gates in the Human Design chart specify the precises of Human Design and show us how we are uique. But Profile, as a broad brush is an immediate way of appreciating how someone operates.

You may purchase your own Profile separately, but for those who are students of Human Design or are simply curious to see the range of costumes that people wear, then this film is for you. Hundreds of moving backgrounds, providing both visual explanation and examples bring the teaching alive in a professional and entertaining fashion.

This film is 06:10 hours in length. Check out any or all of the free previews from the separate Profiles before purchasing.