The 8 Authorities


Richard Beaumont describes all the possible Authorities.

Full Description

One's Authority is of immense importance. It is the way to make important decisions that can be turning points in one's life. We each have a way of reaching decisions based on what is correct for us. Most people make decisions based upon their thoughts about their life. This is notoriously flawed, as the Mind cannot know what is correct because it depends upon the assessment of past experience and is open to interference from those around us. Only our Inner Authority is reliable as it is based upon our own uniqueness and points us along our own life's trajectory and unique purpose.

For those searching for solidity in life, Authority is key. You can access your own Authority by purchasing the relevant video. However, for students of Human Design or those who are simply curious to know how others can make correct decisions for themselves this is an opportunity to see the bigger picture.

This film is 4:28 hours in length. Check out any or all of the free previews of each Authority to get a taste of this film before purchasing.