The 384 Lines in the 64 Gates SELF STUDY (Audio) Deep knowledge at a great price.


Ra Uru Hu goes into the Lines of the Gates in depth

Full Description

A real bargain of more than 36.5 hours of Ra Uru Hu on Line specifics. Wow! This is incredible value for lovers of Human Design knowledge. So if you want to know more precisely what each Line is about in your chart, now you can. This absolute gem from 'The Human Design Library' was originally only available through 64 separate CD's. Now you can listen to it with ease.

This is a valuable audio resource also for Human Design professionals as it contains information that is different from The Line Companion used in the PTLI. This THDL course is only available through Human Design UK and consists of recordings of Ra made in America in the late 1990's when he spoke for much longer and this course benefits from the extra detail.

36.50+ hours

Please note: Access to these recordings is through listening online whenever you wish, but are not downloadable. No refunds will be given for those wishing a downloadable product.