YouTube Channel

Richard Beaumont has his own YouTube Channel which specialises in Human Design related topics. Here you will find both vintage material and the latest videos from Richard's twice weekly uploads. He provides overviews of the Profiles and looks at the various ways the four Types can be supported in their process. There are videos on a variety of topics from The Aura of Plants to The Money Game, from Circuitry to Incarnation Crosses. Take a look for yourself by visiting his Channel directly:


How Much Are You Worth?

Richard Beaumont, with his 25 years in human design, explores the dynamics of having an Open Will Center and provides several important perspectives to assist those 65% of the population that have an Open Will.

How to Communicate with Plants

Richard Beaumont shines a focus on one of the lesser known gems of information in Human Design to do with plants and their sentient nature.

How to Find your Purpose?

Richard Beaumont explores the general framework that concerns one’s innate purpose depending upon which Quarter of the Human Design Wheel they incarnated into.

How to Make Money Using Your Human Design

Richard Beaumont introduces the area of The Human Design System that clearly shows us how each of us can make money.

What it's like to be Different

Richard Beaumont steps into the strange world of the Individual Circuitry that runs through some of us.