Business Consultancy


An exploration your business with the focus on problem solving and development

Full Description

Richard Beaumont, with more than 20 years experience in Human Design and four decades of being self-employed has a great deal to offer in terms of assisting those running their own business. As well as understanding the mechanics of business through the Human Design System, Richard's magazine company was the first in the world to experiment with the BG5 and OC16 mechanics. Richard has been trained through many high ranking professional business coaches from around the world and explored numerous businesses through his clients, from professional pop groups, small businesses to one man / one woman business entrepreneurs. This consultancy is bespoke to whatever is presented by the client.

Richard co-founded and ran a successful magazine business for 20 years which included all aspects of advertising, design, mail order, subscription and event organising. With this background and having counselled more than ten thousand clients over the years through his knowledge Human Design and in hundreds of cases deaing with business related issues, he offers this one-to-one session - it can be purchased as a two hour session as needed.

If you don't yet have your own business, then Richard can explore your chart within a business context in a dialogue with you to see what business potential can be revealed in your Human Design chart.