The Human Design Knowledge allows an experienced, qualified analyst to delve deep into all aspects of one's life through the Human Design chart. Here, Richard Beaumont, the National Director for the UK with 25 years of experience and a long-term direct student of Ra Uru Hu, the founder of The Human Design System, offers a series of readings on a personal one-to-one basis. If you've ever wanted to know about your life, here is a one-stop shop to get your questions answered by one of the world's top analysts and Teacher Trainers.

ANNOUNCEMENT: From midnight (UK time) on 31/10/2022 Richard has paused his reading service.  This period away from his quarter of a century of continuous "frontline work" in personal readings, is necessary to create the time to develop new wonders for the Human Design Community.  It is Richard's intention to return to personal readings once more, but no date is specified at this time. Please subscriber to the free newsletter service on the Home Page to be notified of his re-emergence.