Incarnation Crosses - Qtr of Civilisation

If you were born in the Quarter of Civilisation your life will have a theme of ‘Purpose fulfilled through Form’.This means living your life by experiencing uniquely through your body. There is no limit on how this could be shown. Perhaps through diverse physical experiences, I have seen people from this Quarter devote themselves to yoga, some prefer extreme sports, while others are skilled masseurs but none of these may appeal to you. The primary theme is to use the body. You may place your body in many different locations, or adorn your body with a stunning wardrobe of different outfits or even, if you are a woman, become a mother (if this resonates with you, which won’t suit everyone from this Quarter).Our bodies are here to be transformed through what we do, what we eat and where we go. For this reason material needs will matter to you. You can’t experience what it is to be a gardener without a garden. You can’t go far or have a huge diversity of exotic experiences without money. So, the shadow side of this Quarter can be an unhealthy materialistic focus.Your purpose is also fulfilled through communication by what you say to others and what they say to you, how you articulate what you say and how your unique body expresses itself in language. Expression is a major theme and the expression of your uniqueness can add to Civilisation if you create something that can be shared. This could be through communicating to others and thereby building communities, designing or decorating the buildings themselves through designing or decorating, churches, palaces, houses, offices etc or the artistic creations that beautify people's environments or adorn their bodies.The emphasis is on the Form and if this is the body, then you are very likely to be concerned about how your body looks and what to wear, which clothes, shoes, jewellery, glasses, hats etc highlight your beauty.Beware of becoming lost in comparing yourself with others and becoming too preoccupied with what others say about you. You are an incomparable unique person, who is here to express that uniqueness whether or not others appreciate it. Be selective about who you allow into your life.