Incarnation Crosses - Qtr of Initiation

If you were born in the Quarter of Initiation your life will have a theme of ‘Purpose fulfilled through Mind.’ This means you’re here to find answers and in finding the answers have a basis for action, depending, as always, upon your Strategy and Authority. You are not here to make decisions for yourself through your mind.It is not going to be meaningful for you to put your body through lots of experiences if your mind is not fulfilled. You are here to learn and when you find answers, you will be driven to share them with others.Some who are born in this Quarter find ways to do less by discovering labour-saving devices and techniques and utilising the mind’s ability to penetrate into everything. The most confusing thing for the mind are the Emotions and the sexual drive. So you may well be learning about why you feel the way you do, as feelings arise within you or are amplified from others, depending upon your Design.Your mind has to be initiated before it can then initiate others, so learning from the past and then communicating it to others is part of this framework.The mind is very competitive, but to initiate those around you with your knowledge will involve listening to others and learning from their experience to find the necessary answers that can assist the expansion of knowledge.The Mind can resonate with everything and in this sense, you may be drawn to a limitless number of potential sources of information. What will appeal to you, will depend on your particular chart. The theme is Initiation and not imitation, so education is important to enable you to reach your own unique understanding and come from a richly informed conceptual base.