Incarnation Crosses - Qtr of Duality

If you were born in the Quarter of Duality your life will have a theme of ‘Purpose fulfilled through your Relationships’ with others.This life is about interacting with others, seeing yourself mirrored in them and discovering who you like and who you don’t and thereby gradually being able to evaluate others in terms of how they affect you. It is wise not to be too quick in your intimate bonds with others. All relationships are designed to have friction in them. By incarnating through this Quarter, you can find those relationships that contain frictions that are fertile to help you to make sense of the natural confusions that can arise when relating to others.If you are true to yourself, you will allow others to increase your capacity to feel, without becoming lost in your relationships and letting others become the reasons for what you do. This Quarter enables you to discover yourself through your experiences. It can also detour some people to make security a central part of their life to the detriment of discovering themselves.You are here to learn from your diverse experiences with many different people and build up a reservoir of memories that can be shared with others.Another central theme for this Quarter and hence the framework to your life, is likely to be the survival awareness necessary to succeed in a world that can demand so much of us. This could involve health issues or health mastery. It could involve you needing to discern who and what you are holding onto and whether it’s healthy for you in your journey of discovery.In a life so intimately connected to relationships and the bonds you make with others, a constant reviewing of what has gone on will be part of your journey.