Incarnation Crosses - Qtr of Mutation

If you were born in the Quarter of Mutation your life will have a theme of ‘Purpose fulfilled through Transformation.’This is the process of watching your consciousness change over time as you experience your life differently as you age.You are here to insist upon exploring what is important to you without allowing interference from others. You transform yourself through bringing your total commitment to whatever you do and discovering your true spirit through such dedication. You are designed to make the most of your life and an awareness of the brevity of our human lifespan may often be in your thoughts.This Quarter focuses you on the need to empower your own spirit and to love being you, even as your consciousness evolves through life’s rich adventures. Stay true to what you love doing.You are here to be authentically yourself and penetrate others and life itself with your unique spirit. This is a highly creative Quarter and your consciousness transforms as you explore deeply the way things work, discover what is beautiful for you and allow connections with others of all ages to be in your life.