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Uranus Opposition Analysis

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The Uranus Analysis concerns the 'end of childhood' phase in one's life, generally between the ages of 42 to 50.


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A Uranus Opposition Analysis looks at the transit weather that is coming to them at the mid point of their life, commonly from the age of 42 until around the age of 50 when the Kiron Return influence takes over. This is referred to as 'the end of childhood' phase. This analysis enables the client to get an idea of what's coming up for them in terms of opportunities or challenges. It can be a very useful view to have in these changing times. This overview takes around two hours.

The themes of the Uranus Opposition will be clearly laid out and some possible outcomes will be posited. In dealing with these themes, whether they be personal, educational or environmental a firm grasp of one's own inner authority is essential. This analysis includes a revisiting of how your inner authority operates. A surprising number of possibilities and interpretations of future encounters can result from this analysis and many people have found it very valuable guidance to prepare for what they will meet and indeed how they are to work through this cycle.

This analysis is recommended two to two and a half years before your Uranus Opposition comes (roughly age 42) but can also be very useful and confirming if you are aged between 42 and 50, so you can take advantage of the background themes that will appear in the life during this period.